The early history of Pizza Clearly

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Pizza, a dish with numerous backgrounds and variations, has long been a staple in the dietary habits of people who have lived in the region that is now known as Italy. The earliest and oldest civilizations to create pizza prototypes at pizza ngon, like Focaccia, were Prehistoric nomads, Northern Etruscans, and then Southern Greeks. Every team made little adjustments that resulted in a meal that was a little bit more sophisticated than the first version. Neolithic hunter-gather tribal cultures searched wild cereals including grain types like emmer (also and einkorn as well as wheat, across what would later be Italy during what is known as the middle of the Stone Age. The aforementioned grains would often be boiled or boiled first, then ground into powders and roasted on stones that were hot over open flames.

Making the Pizza Baking, Seasoning, and Garnishing

Subsequently, an unidentified ethnic group known as the Etruscans brought bread to Northern Italy circa 1000 BC. The Etruscans ground their cereal grains, akin to the Neolithic people that came preceding before. The Etruscans cooked their potatoes on rocks, as opposed to their forebears, and then placed stones in the embers to produce disconcerted-tasting bread. By flavouring the mixture using oil and spices after cooking it, they improved upon the simple Neolithic bread. These Etruscan flatbreads, amongst the first examples of this type of a meal known, were barely more than coarse slabs of baked grain, but they were frequently served as dough “plates” in place of bowls. Throughout the 600-year (730-130 BCE) settlement throughout the southern regions of the Italian peninsula, the Greeks, who possessed better cooking expertise and technological advances, further developed and improved pizza.



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Food cravings are the worst energy for a healthy life. They not only make you unhealthy but is also that one obstacle that prevents you from wearing that trending apparel. These cravings may come anytime and anywhere. The ice cream tub in your freezer may never let you sleep peacefully. That fried chicken on the television will make your mouth water. The notification on your phone from the app is not only washing away your diet but also your bank balance.

It is time to wake up now. Make up your mind from today that you are never going to appeal to that unhealthy diet anymore. It is never too late….

Make friends with Proteins 

Most of the time we opt for junk because they are luscious and will want us to take more of them. But do you know protein-rich foods are yummy too? It is not only that broccoli or green peas you ought to eat to stay healthy. Fish, turkey breast, chicken, and peanut butter are some amazing choices you can make instead of those crunchy bites. Make a proper meal plan for every day with a high fiber, protein, and vitamin-based menu.


Whenever your brains send you tempting signals of that cheeseburger, get up and start to walk. Go for a walk on the streets. Do something you love to distract yourself from that thought. You can draw, listen to music, watch a movie and try to postpone that craving. This will in turn minimize the effect of your longing for that snack.


Build a safe house

Make sure when you start your diet, you throw out everything which could trigger your craving. To build a safe house one must

  • Clean away the junk from your fridge
  • Do not stock your shopping basket other than necessary groceries
  • Inform your friends and family about your diet to avoid getting pizza party surprises
  • Uninstall the food ordering apps

The hardest part of the safe house is consistency. Do not let your guards down until your goals are achieved.

It’s reward time!

You need not run the full race to win the trophy. It is nice to appreciate yourself when you start seeing little changes in your body. But it must not be a food reward. Instead, book yourself an appointment for a spa or buy yourself that favourite gadget you always wanted.

Getting on a healthy diet is not as easy as the words above. You have to make some sacrifices and develop some self-control to achieve your food goals.