List of best crime thriller movies in Kollywood?

March 15, 2023 Off By Doe

Looking for exciting crime thrillers in Tamil? Crime thrillers always interest the viewers, even if there are no popular film stars in them. So what about Tamil crime movies with interesting and unique stories? Jiivi, Vidiyum Munn, Nibunan, Cinderella, and Uriyadi are crime thrillers with a mix of other genres like horror, action, mystery, etc.

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Some of the popular Tamil crime thrillers in Kollywood streaming on aha

1.      Jiivi

Jiivi is a crime thriller film that is completely filled with more twists than any viewer would expect. An intelligent man Saravanan plans to steal some jewels from his landlady, even though she had treated him well. He gets away with the crime, but fate does not allow him to enjoy that wealth. The thrilling story follows with many other flashbacks and twists, encouraging the viewers. If you want to watch this suspenseful film, visit aha and take a subscription.

  2.      Vidiyum Munn

Vidiyum Munn is a film revolving around Rekha, who tries to save a 12-year-old girl named Nandhini. The film starts with Rekha, a prostitute, assigned by her client to find a virgin prepubescent girl. Rekha gets a girl named Nandini for her client but later feels responsible for her. Thus she plans on saving Nandini from the clutches of prostitution. Unfortunately, her attempts to save Nandini result in great trouble, where she faces dangerous people. The next part of the film – Vidiyum Munn, continues with Rekha’s and Nandhini’s struggles to overcome all the problems.

 3.      Nibunan

Nibunan is an interesting action crime thriller that revolves around Ranjith – DSP, a psychotic serial killer. The film starts with the intro of DSP Ranjith and his two subordinates, who take high-profile cases and close them successfully. During one such case to catch a group of criminals, they get dragged into another mystery. Later it leads them to a psychotic serial killer who does not even leave a single flaw in his murder patterns. The story continues with their investigation, which will keep the viewers thrilled until the end.

Nibunan: A gritty whodunit that tapers off towards the end- Cinema express

4.      Cinderella

Cinderella is a Tamil horror thriller that involves a ghost taking revenge through a Cinderella outfit. Akira, a sound designer, gets suspected of murder while she has come to a place to record the sounds of birds. She then buys a Cinderella outfit, leading to numerous problems in her house. After she has brought that dress, there occurs some other murders in that place. So who is behind all those murders? Whose ghost is in the Cinderella outfit, and why? There is only one way to reveal that suspense; watch this horror thriller film with a mix of mystery and crime on aha Tamil.

5.      Uriyadi

Uriyadi – film revolves around four friends who are engineering college students. The film shows how their life changes after certain incidents. Lenin Vijay, Suresh, Akhil, and Karthi are college students leading a carefree life, but things do not stay the same after they get into a fight with the local residents. Even though a politician saves them initially, he takes advantage of the situation when they get into serious trouble. Four friends’ lives turn after that, and they are dragged into a political fight they never thought of.

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